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Daily Litanies for Sentient Beings

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Daily Litanies for Sentient Beings is an artist book by David John Attyah, produced at Figgy Press in Los Angeles, California.  It is an edition of 50.

Daily Litanies is an antidote to the politics of opposition, bullying and fear.  Styled as a "prayer book," Daily Litanies contains seven days of recitations of core progressive values.  Daily Litanies positively affirms our secular humanist, liberal democratic values.

On the reverse of each page appear graphic symbols referring to eight ancient civilizations - an embrace of our collective cultural heritage, historical connection and global responsibility.  These pages challenge American historical exceptionalism.

Daily Litanies is a letterpress edition of seven pressings in four colors, printed on Rives BFK and with a hard-cover finish and booksleeve.

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Edition of 50
Volumes 1 - 10       $300 each         #1, #2, #3 reserved
Volumes 11 - 20     $200 each
Volumes  21 - 40    $100 each         #20 reserved
Volumes 41 - 50     $ ability to pay   #41, #42 reserved

Volumes are handmade and take six to eight weeks to produce and ship.
All proceeds support grassroots action.