David John Attyah is a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist, who works across traditional, digital, and public practices. He founded of community art space PhlatPhile (2011 - 2016), co-founder of artist collaborative THINK AGAIN (1999 - 2012), and is currently Professor of Studio Art at Glendale Community College where he manages The Art Gallery @ GCC.

Attyah’s studio practice is anchored in the clarity and complexity of drawing, using the broadest variety of materials & means. His work emphasizes the richness of mark-making, the spontaneity of gesture, the impact of scale, and the dynamism of the human figure. Although his themes are contemplative, inward, and often somber in tone, he focuses on the elegance and simplicity of drawing as a mode of finding insight, synthesis, and healing.

In his identity as a printmaker, Attyah’s press work uses the inherently unstable nature of graphic reproduction to investigate the analogous instability of social-produced identity. Via printmaking – defined broadly as traditional techniques, hybrid processes, and digital technologies – he exploits the tension duplication and variation, the photographic and the handmade, the pristine and the flawed. His work also utilizes the linguistic tendencies of printmaking, using bits of appropriated (stenciled, etched) imagery to form a visual language of self.

In his outward identity, Attyah’s public projects, under the auspices of artist collaborative THINK AGAIN, recruit artmaking in the service of political transformation. His public works - digital murals, billboards and wallscapes, exterior projections, and viral poster campaigns – link the global to the local and call people to collective participation. Recent projects connect emotions lik eapathy, nostalgia, alienation, and optimism to community action.  THINK AGAIN is collaboration between David John Attyah and  contemporary artist S.A. Bachman.

Attyah’s work has been exhibited internationally, including the Cinemateca Nacional (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), Museo de Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain), and the Worcester Art Museum (Boston, MA), and has been published in range of books and periodicals including Graphic Agitation (Phaidon: 2004), Art/Text, and Ms. Magazine.  Attyah is co-author of the monograph A Brief History of Outrage (2003) and has published a volume of his print work, entitled The Jugular (2014).

Attyah has his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, his MA in Cultural Anthropology from Harvard University, and his BA in Public Policy from Princeton University.




Eros in RuinThe Art Gallery @ GCC, Los Angeles, October 2015



Closet Door, Advocate and Gochis Galleries, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Los Angeles, January 2015



Relicario, Plaza de Cultura, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, November, 2014


The Jugular, monograph, January 2014


THINK AGAIN:  Collected Public Works, Advocate and Gochis Galleries, Los Angeles LGBT Center, 2012

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 3.34.56 PM.png

Punch/Utopia, David John Attyah and Mark Gens, Glendale Temporary Exhibitions, Brand Boulevard and Broadway, October 2011


Actions Speak, The Wall @ WAM, Worcester Art Museum (Boston), 2009-2010


A Brief History of Outrage by THINK AGAIN (David John Attyah + SA Bachman), Los Angeles:  Politicizing Pictures Press, 2003